3 Easy ways to organize hair accessories

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Here is a post on how to organise hair accessories,

Always loosing your bobby pins and hair elastics? 
Sick and tired of rummaging through messy drawers and always being late for a meeting because of it?

 Hair accessories such as clips, hair dryers, straighteners, headbands, hair-ties and many many more can easily take over your shelves, drawers, nightstand and sometimes even...the floor. I will share some helpful tricks on how to keep your hair accessories organised. Hopefully, you will find this article very useful and will help you store you and your daughters’ accessories.

1. Bobby pins and hair elastics
Since I was sick to the back teeth for constantly buying bobby pins over and over again, I found a smart way for organising them and never lose a single one again. Can you guess it? Decorative magnets! Decorate them as your heart fancies. Stick colourful fabric on the magnet. If your medicine cabinet has a metal back, put the magnets there and you can even use the back knob to hold hair elastics. VoilĂ ! Trendy and pretty!

Speaking of medicine cabinet, it is the best place to start cleaning projects because it will take you less than an hour to clean it out. Remember, every time you start off with cleaning whether it be a wardrobe, a closet or in our case- a cabinet, take everything out and then give it a cleaning. Throw away everything that you are not using any more. Make sure to find another more appropriate place for the items you are not using so regularly, another drawer for example. Provide yourself with acrylic trays to organise your accessories better.

For bobby pins you can even use a paper clip holder. This way it will be easier for to pick up one thanks to the magnetic opening. As I have dozens of hair elastics (it actually feels like there are tons of them), I use a shower curtain ring to hold them with ease. 

2. Hair dryers, straighteners, curling wands
You can buy yourself a holder for all these accessories or… you can make yourself such. Do not be afraid, it is as easy as pie. All you need is a PVC Pipe (preferable wye shape size: 3x3x2). They are usually white but if you want to add some colour and mood to your life, you can spray paint it if you plan on placing it on a shelve or a drawer, however, you can also screw it to a wall. Decorate it as you wish! It is all up to you. After the paint dries off, just place your accessories in the openings and that is it. Easy

3. Hair Bows and Headbands
If you have daughters, then you know what chaos looks like. I totally agree that headbands make a fantastic accessory, especially when getting ready for kindergarten or school. But from the moment my little girls come home, it feels like those pretty headbands are all over our home. When I tell them to clean up, they just put them in a drawer and their “clean up” is done. That is why I decided to look for a better solution and I found it. 

I bought a small craft storage unit. It acts as a rack that holds jars. I removed those jars and put the unit on the back of the door in the kids’ room, low enough so they can reach it themselves. I cleaned the drawer where they used to keep all the hair accessories and put all the headbands on that rack. 

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