Protective Style Challenge/ Hair Growth Challenge 2018

Hey darlings,
I would be doing a protective style challenge all through the year. I did not really care for my hair like I should have done last year and the result was shed hair, uneven ends and dry scalp. I did not retain length, my hair was breaking and I pretty much didnt care as I was quite engaged, which was so sad. I could not even put up a post on my 5year hairversary. Presently, my hair is same length like my hair back in 2015.
Well no excuses this year as I would be growing my hair back again and will be doing an official length check by December 2018 🙂. There are no rules for this challenge just that I won’t be wearing my loose this year.
Protective styles I would be on are: Wigs, Crochet, Braids and Sew-ins. Each protective style would be for a least 3weeks-4weeks. Basically, the goal is to not have to do constant styling to my hair, low manipulation and to maximize hair growth.

This is my hair now...

Gosh!! What happened to my hair?

Staple for now

I would be putting up updates at the end of every style (which would be monthly) and my hair treatments in between them.

Anyone can join in

Till then


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