Looking back at my 2017 goals

Hi darlings,

I really apologise for being inconsistent with my posts. Like I mentioned in my last post here, things have really changed for me and I was just starting to adapt.So far, I’m well balanced and ready to blog again.(this time more seriously) 

So happy New month to you all. 2018 is just around the corner. 

How much have you achieved this year? How has the year been?

This year has been great. However, I am currently slacking in some areas but I’d get there before the year runs out. Here are a few goals that I have been able to reach:

  •       Being Independent
  •       Getting a Job
  •       Growing my business    

Goals I have not been able to reach:
  •       Get to my goal weight
  •       Blog regularly
  •       Start my Youtube channel- (Well I have created one but not yet uploaded a video) 
So what is it that you have planned for the year and have not been able to achieve? There is still time to reach that goal. Stay focused and you would get there.

Hoping that the few weeks remaining in this year would far better than the beginning of the year.

See you in my next post



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