Life Update

Hey guys!

Where do I start?.... Happy New Year and Happy new month for January to August 2017. 👧😄😃

It's been a while since I posted on the blog. 
That's because Life became so overwhelming and I got caught up in it. I got a new job, my business was booming and lots more.

But I still can't believe it's been over a year since I blogged here. I miss this space.

Basically, things have been really busy in the 'Real World' 👧👧

However, I'm back now and with lots of good news.

First, I witnessed God's undying love for me since the beginning of the year. I got so many opportunities, learnt a lot, made new friends and made some positive changes. I would share more in consequent posts.

Second, I would be making Youtube videos soon. I have always wanted to and It just feels right this time. So in the meantime you can subscribe here

Third, I would be blogging twice a week hence. I have never really had a fixed time or schedule for my blog posts, which is not ideal. So I am making that change now.

Finally, the blog would have a total makeover in a couple of weeks. A brand new look. My blog has been all about natural hair and personal tips and a little of every other - like events, random posts, food and fitness. So expect more on that.

That's about it.

I just might make a new post before the end of the week as I'm currently enjoying my time off from work.

P.s. Let me know what you would love to see more on the blog.

Enjoy the rest of the week



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  1. Welcome back, hope to read more from you.


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