Three years Natural Hairversary

Happy New year in advance lovelies. How has the holiday been?

Mine has been great. Spending time with family and friends. Also, I was gifted a Dslr camera for Xmas; perfect Christmas gift, right? It came at the right time. Totally unexpected as I was saving up for it. God is great, I can't shout. I want more surprises like this in 2016. Amennnnn
So you all should be expecting more quality pictures in the coming year.

My hair is 3years today yaaaaay!. Although i'm on a protective style at the moment, I took a picture of my hair length before I made it. It's about 10 inches now. It has come a long way
3years of growth... very realistic right?
It's been three years of growth asides breakage, shedding and trims. Edges intact and on fleek. Hair is thick and I'm learning so much as I care for it.
My very big chop hehehe
I just love my hair and how it responds to treatments, but my scalp ain't helping issues. It's just too sensitive as it gets irritated whenever I braid (Having a tingling feel or scalp infection sorta). So I was  mostly not on a protective style this year as I needed to care for my scalp. Hopefully, 2016 would be different. I need more length. lol
Don't mind the way I'm looking

2012 till date

Happy birthday to my hair. My goals by 2016 is to retain hair length and grow healthy natural hair. So help me God.
2014 vs 2015

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Wishing you all a Happy New year in advance.  Love you all

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  1. Wow- you really went all the way with your big chop! So bold!
    Happy Hairversary!
    Your hair is doing really well. x

  2. Your hair is very healthy.
    Those trims did you good..your ends are very healthy..xoxo :D

  3. A very big big chop you did. Lol. Sooo bold and fierce!

    Love how you take care of your hair... and happy new year in advance!

  4. Olakunle Tofunmi1 January 2016 at 10:50

    Yaay! But I'm jealous though I'm getting there 😃I love the growth 😍. And happy new year dearie

  5. Happy New year and happy hair growing in 2016!!

  6. i just follow your blog.

  7. Your big chop was a huge one. I wouldn't have had the guts. Big ups girl. Your hair is doing so well. Healthy and beautiful ♡

    Naija girl next door

  8. Omg I'm so late on this post, but wow! Your hairs loooooong, girl!

    The shrinkage tho...real thing. Happy birthday in arrears to your hair :)


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