Helllllloooooooo I'm still here

Hey guys, who missed me *covers face* So sorry I have been away. Hope you all are doing great.

A lot has been going on with me. Here's a quick post on couple of what I have been doing lately. So my service year is going on fine and I now bake cakes for people...yaay. It's been something I have always loved doing. So I'm glad I'm finally getting my hands into it. So just incase you have a sister or cousin or niece that needs a cake on their special day, holla at me...lol. I'm starting small hoping to get better *Big grin*

Another new thing is that I now run an online shop for natural hair products (NHPS-Natural Hair Products Shop is the name)... not like Jumia and the rest o. It's basically a Facebook and Bbm channel thing(search for 'Natural hair products shop' on your BBM, you would find us). Check out the Facebook page here. We are on Instagram too. You get to order for products you need via email or whatsapp and we deliver. Now you see what's been keeping me busy...lol

Would be updating the 'SHOP' tab on the blog later this week so you all can see what we would be selling and details on how to order.

That's about it.


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