My New Protective Style| Crochet Braids

Hi lovelies,

I'm really happy sharing this with you all. I have been rocking my new protective style lately. I tried doing it myself sometime this year but I could not get half way. So this time I went to a salon and was glad I did 'cause it turned out lovely and wasn't even expensive at allllllll. Yes it wasn't.

First off, I had earlier gone to the salon to show the Stylist a video of what I wanted to do and to my surprise she knew how to make it. She even mentioned that it was the same technique used in making artificial dreads which I didn't even know of. I was so excited and told her I would come the next day.

On the D-day, I got there with my Marley hair only to discover that she didn't even have the latch hook. It was the regular crochet pin she had. Eitherways, I told her to go ahead since I read Tuke's post sometime about using the same  regular pin for her crochet.

I used four packs of Venessa Marley hair (Colour 4).

It was really full. I made a mistake of not cutting the hair before using as ideally I should have just used two packs. However the hair is quite affordable and light. (Would do a review when I'm done rocking It took me only two hours to make.

So here are pictures of my crochet braids from start to finish.

So what do you all think? This is officially my first crochet braids and I would definitely be trying more often. hehe

Meanwhile, I’m participating in African Naturalistas Hairline Challenge which requires one not to be on a protective style but I'm doing mine like  So you are welcome to join. You can find details here.

I entered for the Samsung Palm Selfie competition. Click here and Vote for me Plsssssssss. Thank you

PS: Kindly join my BBM Channel C003614B6 if you are on BBM, I share tips on natural hair there.


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  1. Great. Please share some styling tips with us soon.! thanks!
    Coily Head of Hair Blog

  2. This looks very beautiful! Babe pls be trying more it definitely makes a great protective style.
    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.. . Check it out here

  3. Hello dear, came across your blog from your bbmc and been reading through for the past 2 hours. Am new to this natural hair thing, I have been transitioning for 6 months now and am ready for the big chop, I will send u pics when am done. Thanks alot God bless u. Please where can I buy some of this natural hair products in ibadan

    1. Hello Ifedayo. No idea but i can sell to u and deliver. Would be expecting your pics

  4. Natural Hair is just the way to a point I tot dey were ur natural hair... Cool hair designs u got dr too....

    Nice blog.

  5. It looks very nice, how much does the vanessa marley hair cost? I just joined the crochet braids family recently and i have installed twice, with darling zoey and darling kinky hair. its quite a challenge styling the kinky hair though. Pease give us styling tips, thanks

  6. Haven't seen this Brand of Marley Hair before but it looks authentic.
    How much did it cost and where did you get it done?


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