5 ways to keep your Edges intact

A lot of people have hard time growing their hairline/edges. They buy different products to grow it back but still don't get to see any result. Why is it so? Well it could be because they have not adopted an ideal hair practice that would help them retain the hair as it grows. But they'd be thinking the product is not working. So here are some tips that would help keep your edges intact while growing them or help retain it if you are scared of losing your edges...lol

1. Always sleep with a Satin bonnet or scarf: This would prevent hair shedding as you roll around on your bed.

2. Never comb your edges. You can brush with a little toothbrush and Ecostyler gel (That's what I do sometimes)

3. Try doing hot oil treatment at least once a month. It helps strengthen your hair roots to retain length and avoid shedding

4. Never pick your edges when you make your hair: e.g Ghana weaving, Braiding, Weaves, Didi Adimole or other protective styles e.t.c. It's best to have hair in front as a brush than taking all the hair. Yeah, it makes the hair look neat but I think you'd rather prefer to have your edges than let it go off totally after like 3 weeks of protective styling.

5. Use Naturally made products and avoid chemicals. That's why I'd recommend you buy Maigrow hair food. You can read up about it here.

Just incase you wanna grow your edges and need a guide, you check out my post here too

I am back now. I miss blogging and miss you all.

Have a lovely week
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  1. Lool at no 4. I actually just made Ghana weaving and picked all the edges yet I'm complaining! I will change after now! Welcome back dear!


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