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Hi lovelies

How is the week going? Mine is going smoothly and I hope it's the same with you.
I'm really sorry for the irregular posting so far. The past few weeks has been busy for me.

As some of you all know, I am currently serving (NYSC). I got posted to a government primary school. I'm to assist a class teacher. Most of the things I do is make class works, collate marked scripts and coordinate the class. Quite easy right? But you know kids and noise (I don't need to explain that) lol

So am I happy to be posted to a school? Of course I am. I love the fact that they are little kids. Plus I get to have holidays like them... hehe and engage myself with other activities. The holiday would be a great opportunity for me to go for vocational trainings. God is working in my favour.

Onto my weightloss journey, I'm still a work in progress. From 80.9kg in January to 69.4kg in April. Pretty good right?

Well, turns out that I hit plateau and I have been adding and losing at the same tym buh still remained in the same place. I could be 71kg today and be 70kg tomorrow. So sad. I know I need to adjust my diet and increase the intensity of my workouts. But it is not easy I tell you. Not easy.

Anyways, I'm joining another weightloss challenge soon which is going to be on for 12weeks. I'm so excited as I'd get all the motivation I crave. I just can't give up. Not
now,not ever

Now to hair, my current protective style which is faux locs is about 7weeks and I'm so proud of myself 'cause this is the first time, I'd carry a protective style this long. It still looks neat. My scalp didn't feel itchy like it used to when I have a PS on. I made 32 big locs, enabling free air into my scalp easily.

I was hoping to loosen it by the coming week but it would be going off this week as I miss my hair already. Anyways, my next PS would be a bob box braids but would enjoy my natural hair for a while before that. Can't wait!

Meanwhile I got featured on the Curly belle, please read here and don't forget to leave a comment.

Have a lovely day

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  1. Hello and welcome back. That's a great weight challenge and congrats on your achievement so far. Best wishes!

  2. Congratulations on your achievement and yes it's not time to give up yet, you can do it. Wishing you a stress free week.

  3. what? from 80 to 69, what did you do? please tell me o...Elizabeth o

  4. Loooove your hair at pic up there!
    + still on weightloss journey here too oh - up and down...
    And serve ya nation well :-)

    Take care of you babes


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