New Protective Style| Faux Locs

Hello lovelies,
How are you all doing?

So I could not have my kinky twists for more than two weeks at NYSC camp and decided to make faux locs before leaving. I have always wanted to make it and when I saw someone could do it at camp, I did not want such opportunity to pass me by.

What I used:
Three Kinky bulk hair (Noble Gold) - One for braiding and two for wrapping.
I had 32 locs in all 'cause I wanted it to be big. (and because I recently noticed I have dry scalp- I need to treat it asap). But next time I make it, It'd be fuller

What do you guys think? And who is willing to try faux locs.

I'm getting so much compliments so far. I love it. It's been two weeks and I'm hoping to carry it for two months.

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  1. Your faux locs are lovely. They really look good on you :)

  2. Its really nice indeed. How long did it take to make...

  3. Looking pretty good, nice one there.

  4. Really nice!!!

  5. They re so beautiful. I've had 2 bad experiences with it but I will try it again as we have more salons with hairlistaa running it so it wouldn't be bad again.

  6. Thanks Abena. Sori abt that. U wud love it this tym

  7. Looks really nice, I'd be up for trying it.

  8. Looks nice! Is yours heavy like mine? I dunno who sent me to do 80 strands - 7 packs of hair mehn!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Whoop whoop Berry Dakar commented on my blog. Lol. Mine isn't heavy. Sori, I'm sure it'd get lighter afterwards

  9. I'm willing too ooo. I'm jst scared of d pain. My hair is still a baby ooo. I cannot afford any edges/breakage wahala...


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