Introducing Maigrow Hair Food

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Few months ago I got a mail from a hair product company- Maigrow Nature's Beauty products and was introduced to their product range which they would love me to try out for them as well as tell people about it.

I got their Maigrow hair food which is made out of natural oils and products like cow cheese also known as mai shaanu, honey, coconut oil, purified Shea butter and fruits which is great for natural hair. I have been using it for two months now and it's great.  I apply it daily as my hair butter and since I made my faux locs, I have moisturising my scalp with it . My mum and siblings use it too. It softens hair and grows hair l. It is also good for deep conditioning.

They also have Maigrow henna conditioner mix made from henna powder, green tea leaves, avocado oil and whipped mayo. Also available is a natural shampoo made from Palm oil and coconut oils with Shea butter and finally Maigrow hot oil treatment spray for a faster growth, made from pure cow oils, fruits and olive oil. Maigrow hair products stimulate hair growth, treats itchy scalp, softens hair and makes it shine.  They have a group on Facebook with over 8000 Maigrow users. It's called Maigrow Nature's Beauty group.

You will find people testifying about Maigrow and also pics of before and after in the photo files as seen below.

They are based in Kaduna state Nigeria and have distributors nationwide.

Check them out on facebook: Maigrow Hair Beauty

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  1. I've tried everything for my edges but oh well. Might as well give this a try too

  2. I love the ingredients they put together...must be a really nice product line. Did you notice faster hair growth with it while using it on your scalp?

    1. I'm stil on a protective style at the moment buh my Edges are intact. My mum and sis ar seeing improvements. I'd be doing a review on the product as tym goes

  3. Hello liz, the mobile number aint going through


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