How to get rid of Dandruff

Before I went natural in 2012, I had serious dandruff issues. It was embarrassing seeing white flakes falling off my hair most especially when I am in the midst of people in a salon. One day, I thought of shaving my hair and treating it from scratch. To me, I felt it would be a perfect solution.

After my big chop (you should see my skin-shaved, I started treating my scalp. I used some products like Damatol and Meditrit (Anti dandruff hair cream) which didn't work as expected. I later got African Naturalistas Tea rinse and palm kernel oil for a start. After a while, it was all gone by 2013 and my hair was growing. Fast forward to November 2014, it all came back... where did I go wrong. I knew I had been neglecting my scalp for so long.

So back to basics... I got tea tree oil, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and also peppermint oil and they worked magic for me.

So here are tips that would help you if you are battling with dandruff;

- Wash your hair regularly, mostly co-washing
- Do an ACV rinse whenever you wash your hair
- Clean scalp with lime juice if you don't have ACV
- Massage scalp with Peppermint and Tea tree oil
- Clean scalp with diluted ACV when on a protective style then moisturise with hair butter
- Do not use a Sulphate shampoo

I hope these tips help. Till next time

Take care

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  1. Sounds like great advice for concerned folks. Nice of you to share, have a nice week!

  2. these are good tips. also i know that using a dandruff shampoo in the scalp and leaving it on the scalp for at least 30mins before rinsing off and conditioning really helps!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts sis.


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