Bantu knots out in Afro Puff (Pictures)

It's a brand new week. How are my readers doing? Before you ask, I am still at camp. So after I mentioned in this post how I had not made Bantu knots in close to year, I have finally fallen in love with it all over again (check this post). Here are pictures of how I rocked my hair sometime last month. It's a bantu knot out in a puff.

Tell me what you think about it. I love styling my hair this way. I think it suits me better

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  1. Leeznijis dear! I just want to say Hallo! Come back from camp and come and march for me the way you were taught!

    1. Lol. Thanks dearie. I'm back home. Camp was fun.

  2. it looks good on you, i also miss styling my natural hair. bantu knots for the win tho.x

  3. Very cute. Looks like you're not getting the hang of bantu knots


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