Twist out with Cantu Shea butter Leave in

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So I mentioned in this post that I love using Cantu Shea butter Leave in conditioning cream and that it is great for styling my hair. I tried twisting my hair with it sometime to achieve a twist out and this was how it turned out.
After untwisting
I made the twist two days before
First day twist out

Second day twist out
I untwisted more and got a fully twist out


Back view

I really loved it. I could not believe that the twist outs were really defined.

What do you all think?

All I did was to spray some water on my hair and sealed in moisture with oil (a mix of coconut oil, castor oil and Sweet Almond oil) and the Cantu Shea butter leave in. To know more about this product, read my review here

Also if you missed my post on Bantu Knots, read up here, I have another coming up soon

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