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Hi lovelies,
How are you all doing? I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. This is totally a late post. I'm really sorry for my absence on the blog. My laptop is having technical issues thus why I have not blogged for about a week now. It's on repair and I hope to get it back soon. I am typing this now using my phone so kindly bear with me if this post is kind of (well, I hope it's not). Pending the time I get my laptop back, I would try and put up two more posts to make up for last week. (Remember my goals for the year)

Anyways, I'd love to share my wishlist for the month (or let's say for now) with you guys. More like my birthday These are stuffs I really need and would hope to get them this year

1. DSLR Camera: I am really loving photography and cinematography more everyday and I have been learning a lot lately. I am presently using a pocket camera and hoping to get a DSLR camera soon. 


God knows I'd be happy (most especially thankful) to have this as a birthday gift. Lol

2. FT4 Heart rate monitor: It's no news that I am trying to lose weight losing weight. I am in need of an HRM. I feel it would be very useful to help count my calories better. I just need one badly. Meanwhile, I have lost some pounds and I can't wait to tell you all about it. 

3. A new laptop: I really hope to get a new one this year. It's been over four years I got my current laptop (the one on repair) and this is the first time it's having issues. I think It's time to let go na (It's giving me signs already) or maybe I'd just keep using it till it finally says its over. Anyways an apple mac book would be a nicer option lol

4. A trainers: I have been working out at home since the year began and I'm thinking of taking it outside. Like jogging and running around my area.Besides, I would be serving soon (NYSC), giving me more opportunity to drop more weight. Any brand would do

5. Adobe creative suite Software: Since I'm into photography now, there is need to have this software installed on my system. I have been trying to get this but I never got to see an original one. Free trial everywhere. Anyone who knows where I can purchase it should let me know. Thanks

So that's all I'm wishing to have lately. What are you craving to get?

Have a wonderful week ahead

P.s: My birthday is in a week yaaaaay!

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  1. Happy birthday in advance dear. I hope all your wishes come true soonest

  2. Lovely wish, lol. I also need a new camera in my life. Ejoy your birthday month and may all your wish come true.

  3. Have a great birthday dear.

  4. Happy Birthday in advance, and great wishlist!

    1. Thank u. Thanks for always stopping by

  5. Happy birthday in advance....and I hope u get all you wish for and more.

  6. Amen. Thank u. Glad u visited my blog. God bless

  7. Happy birthday in advance hun!!! Long life and prosperity.

  8. Happy Birthday in Advance! I hope you get these things especially that camera xx

  9. Happy birthday dear. I pray at least 5 of your wishes would come true, hehehe! Take care.

  10. Birthday Wishlist? When is the birthday? 19th?!?!?!?

    Dig Deep and Challenge Yourself

  11. Sorry about your laptop.May your wishes come true!!!


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