I made a Crochet Wig

Hi lovelies,
How are you all doing? Hope the week is going on fine? Thank you all for the birthday wishes and love. I really do appreciate it. God bless you all.

So I have always wanted to make a crochet wig ever since I saw a video on how to make it. Plus, I had tried making crochet braids on my own last year and it was an epic fail, I could not go half way (was already tired) and had to loosen it. So, you should know how happy I was when I made this wig. I was not tired at all as I enjoyed making it. hehe
I made it sometime last month and it was a success. I'm so proud

Can you see spaces? But I still tried abi
Everyone thought it was a weave and when I said it was a wig and that I made it myself, they were surprised, Hehehe. So I wanna share how I made it with you all.  
Things you would need:
1. Net cap/wig cap/mesh cap
2. Wig head
3. Perm rods
4. Shea butter (as you desire)
5. Brush
6. Kinky hair or any hair of your choice
7. Scissors
8. Bobby pin (You can use a latch hook instead)
9. Hot water (To curl the hair up)
Getting ready

This was what I got
It's a net. So I sewed it into a cap
I should have gotten something that looked like this below instead though. So maybe next time

Hair in perm rods
What I did?
I applied shea butter on the kinky hair then brushed it before curling it with the perm rods. I dipped it in a boil of hot water and left it for about a minute before removing it. I repeated this till I had enough curly hair read. Then, I crocheted the hair on the net cap (Just as you would do when making a crochet braid) till I was okay with it and almost all holes on the cap were covered. I crocheted using 4 to 6 holes on the cap for each curled kinky hair strand used.

This was the finished look and I loved it.

Well I'm really not good at the whole explanation thing. Silly me. But here is the video I used as a tutorial. It would help you if you wanna try it out.

So what do you guys think about the wig? I'm impressed since it's my first time trying it and it took me two days to finish up (lazy me...lol).
Don't mind my camera angle...lol
I would definitely try it again and probably give crochet braids another try.

Here are things I would correct next time I try it:
- Since, I could not get the exact mesh net cap, I had to sew the net I got on a regular wig cap. So the wig was kind of tight and had some spaces. I later realized that it was sold on Jumia. So you all can purchase there
- I used a bobby pin; next time I would try to get a latch hook which is sold here
- I would use a different hair next time too

So that's about it.

Till then

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  1. Awesome job, Elizabeth. I like the end result and suits you so well. Beautiful :-)


  2. This is amazing. I am going to try my hand at it. I pray it comes out cool like yours..

    1. It definitely would. Thanks for stopping by

  3. It looks difficult, I really want to try it. Awesome job Lizzy


  4. It looks so nice but you are not a very good teacher

    1. Lol I know o. *covers face* I wud change

  5. You did great oh...it looks really neat and nice, I should give this a try.


  6. Pretty!! The wig turned out nice. :)

  7. wigs are no no for me... Infact I dread dem but looks gud on u

  8. What an awesome job you did! I need to make another one too. I really enjoyed my first one.

  9. This is really lovely!, keep it up!

  10. Wow,well done Elizabeth,its really nice and it suits you.



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