Bantu Knots Out on Dry Natural Hair

Hi lovelies. 
Happy new month
It’s my birthday month. Any April baby here? Lol
I tried Bantu knots on my hair recently after a long time. The last time I tried it was in May last year. So it was funny how I decided to try it again. I had just closed from work and was on my way home, got bored 'cause of traffic and decided to try something with my hair. I had read a post on Bantu knots earlier that day so I guess that was what made me try it. I didn’t add water or moisturiser (my hair was already moisturised earlier that day)

All I did was to do a two-strand twist and roll into a knot. That was all.
I unraveled it the next day (I put some oil on my fingers as I did so) and this was how it turned out.

Not much definition with the curls but I still love the way it looks

Well I decided to go with the pineapple fro (my signature look most of the time...)
Which do you guys prefer?

I’m really glad it turned out well(not much curl definition tho) despite not adding any hair butter, leave-in or gel. 

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried Bantu knots? Would you try it?
Here is a video that would guide you.

Have a wonderful GOOD FRIDAY.
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  1. April baby here! Whoop (the 11th), came out nice considering you didn't use products, I like the pineapple fro.

  2. So cute! I like the pineapple fro.

  3. Oh I'm definitely going to try it your way next time. They both look good. Happy birthday in advance dear

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  4. Looks quite attractive..

  5. Nice!
    Before i wonder how to that
    So coolXO

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  6. ur hair is full, thick and black, i love love love it. good one lizzy

  7. Yaay finally saw it😊keep it up dear nice blogging

  8. The pineapple fro really suits you


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