Wash Day

Hi lovelies, 

I am really trying out different stuffs on my hair this days. I recently tried African threading and was surprised on how it stretched my hair (post on that soon). I tried twisting my hair on my own and wore it out for the first time as they were neat.  I also tried perm rods which was an epic fail...lol.
My hair in African threads
Anyways, I have been washing my hair regularly now as I have been advised to have weekly washes for some reasons (would share with you guys later). The idea of washing my hair sometimes, scares me because I'd want to be careful and not mess things up which I kind of did this time. I tried out something totally new which almost caused a disaster for my hair. This was how my wash day went...

Pre-pooing: I did a hot oil treatment overnight using African naturalistas coconut oil, Kinky apothecary avocado oil and Sweet almond oil.

Deep conditioning:  I deep conditioned my hair with Beautiful textures Deep conditioning treatment for about an hour using a shower cap. I discovered that my hair was kind of hard so I knew it was time to deep condition it.  

Products used

After applying Deep conditioner

During wash
Shampooing: I washed off the deep conditioner and washed my hair with African Naturalistas Black moisturising shampoo. 

Conditioner: I conditioned my hair with African Naturalists moisturising Conditioner which gave my hair volume and made it soft.  

Breakage after

There and then, this was the silly new thing I did afterwards

Protein treatment:  I applied Jamaican castor oil protein conditioning treatment (The smell though), wore a shower cap and left it for about 15 minutes. When it was time to wash it off, I realized my hair was so dry while wet. I was wondering what happened. Immediately, I had to applyAfrican Naturalistas Conditioner again (My hair felt lovely and with volume) before my final rinse and my hair was saved.

My mistake and lesson learnt: I applied too much protein treatment. This was my first time and never again would I make such mistake. Also, I would do the protein treatment before conditioning next time instead of conditioning my hair before the protein treatment
This was the breakage I got after the protein treatment... very terrible experience
My result: My hair was moisturised but still felt a little dry. I later co-washed and deep conditioned with African naturalistas products during the week and my hair bounced back to normal. Thank God

Hair super clean

So that was how my wash day went.

Have a lovely week
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  1. Hmmm,my dear, i have cut my hair o jare. I even colored it, i like it this way because it saves me time and heart break of seeing my hair break. Your hair looks amazing.

    1. Ha! Ok. Me I want long hair... lol so I can't even cut my hair again. Thank u

  2. Lool I started the week on a bad hair note myself. At least yours has bounced back to normal. Good for you


  3. It's always advisable to do a moisturizing treatment after using protein treatment. Protein tends to leave the hair hard and dry.

  4. I love your blog and i come everyday to check whats up but discovered you post only once in a while.

    1. Thank you for checking my blog regularly. I am working on blogging more often. Thanks

    2. Its alright. Really looking forward to more frequent posts from you.

  5. Nice blog. Tks 4 stoppin by.


  6. Washing natural hair can be a true task! I feel your pain. I'm glad you were able to bounce back from the errors! You definitely don't want to over do it on the protein!


  7. Maybe try coconut milk or green tea for a protein treatment next time. That could help with the breakage and shedding :) Also, AFRICAN THREADING!! Nothing like it. I absolutely love it.

  8. Ha sorry about tha breakage tho. I get so scared when my hair breaks like this especially when im detangling. Sumtimes i get angry and comb it with anger 😪😢


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