Dark And Lovely Beauty Day Out + Giveaway

Hi peeps. How are you all doing? Remember this post from last two weeks where I mentioned winning a Dark and lovely giveaway (Hair makeover). So I got contacted to attend a Beauty day out at MakeMe Salon in Surulere to have my hair made. So I had to take down my Yarn Twists.

Before wash

The Beauty Day Out held on February 28 and a lot of people were in attendance so this is sort of a late post…  I met with two other winners from the giveaway and we got talking before we were called upon for our hair makeover. I had the chance to ask hair-related questions from the hair-stylist and in return, got lovely feedback. 

So this was how it went, first thing the stylist did was to wash my hair with a 3-in-1 Dark and lovely shampoo (cleanse, moisturizes and conditions hair), then my hair was deep conditioned with the Dark and lovely healing treatment for about 15mins before another wash. For the first time in a long while, my  hair was towel-dried (I have been using cotton T-shirt) to get excess water out. 

Deep conditioning

Afterwards, my hair was sectioned and Dark and lovely hair butter was applied on my scalp and the stylist massaged my scalp for a while, before my hair was moisturized with Dark and lovely oil moisturizer and leave-in conditioner before it was made in twists with a side cornrow. It turned out lovely. 

Work in progress

In progress

All done

I had fun at the Beauty day out and was glad I attended. There were chops too...lol. It was a pleasant experience. Can you see why entering for a giveaway is super-cool. However, I didn’t get to take pictures as I should have (Phone battery issues), so most of these pictures were gotten from Dark and lovely Instagram page.


Also, before I left the Salon, I was given a gift bag containing some products I already have and one which I do not need (Hair relaxer). So I am giving out the relaxer and three other products- Hair Refresher for weaves, Scalp wash (for hair flakes) and Scalp soother(for scalp itch). No point having extra ‘cause they would end up piling up dust. 

Products I got

Products I'm giving away

Pick one or two
To get any of these products, please indicate in the comment box (or send me a mail) what product you would love to have along with your email address. You can only pick one product. In the case where only one person or two apply for this giveaway, you automatically get the other products. I'm hoping to give it out this week.

Note: No delivery would be made, we would agree on how to get the products to you. Lagos residents only.

You can still enter for the castor oil giveaway in the previous post, it's still on.

Have a wonderful week.

See ya 
Relaxer, Scalp wash, hair refresher and Scalp Soother all taken... 

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I really need the scalp soother 'cause my hair is in Senegalese twists and will be for the next 4 weeks or so.
    Email: nittapee@gmail.com

    1. Abt 5mins ago, someone got it. Sorry dear

  2. Helloooo. I want the scale wash please :D

  3. Oh all taken. Oya I want the relaxer sigh

  4. Congrats again Leez. I want all of them, plus your hair!!! *crying*

    1. Hahahahahaha... Which one would now be left for me na. Lol.

  5. Hi Leezy,I want the hair refreshner

    1. U got it girl. Pls contact me via mail. Elizabethadeniji@gmail.com

  6. I want the scalp wash . Email- peacenwaokocha@yahoo.com

  7. looks like ur hair was really pampered. meanwhile i love ur dress!

  8. lovely... i'm actually thinking of switching all my sisters products to Dark and lovely (my sis is natural too)... i just started to admire the product line :-)

  9. It makes the twist out look so easy - now this has aroused my curiosity....

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