How I grew my Edges back

Hi lovelies
How are you all doing? Just want to share some tips on how I grew my edges back. 

Sometime last year, my hair was shedding a lot and my hairline was so bad. I actually made a post about it here. I searched online, watched various Youtube videos which made me try out several stuffs and I learnt a lot as well. Along the line, I got to know about castor oil and the rest. Not like I never knew about it but I never used it.

So I started massaging my hair with castor oil regularly. Then I got peppermint oil, amla oil and coconut oil afterwards and I saw tremendous changes. I also changed some habits and adopted new ones.
How did I do it?

1.       I stopped making tight hair styles. Whenever I braid, I try to tell the hairstylist not to pick my front hair. Same goes with fixing, twisting and the rest.

2.       I started massaging my front hairline with oils as stated earlier, did hot oil treatments and moisturized my scalp too.

3.       I did not comb or brush my front hairline, instead I use my fingers and most times I apply little gel to make it slip.

4.       I avoided packing my hair too tight. I know my hair is still short but whenever I want to get a pineapple fro look, I tend to drag my front hair too much with my headband to make it firm. So I have stopped doing that. I now leave it loose instead or get a loose band till my hair is long

Oils I used

1.       African naturalistas Castor oil

2.       Amla oil (someone got it for me)

3.       Natural Nigerian Peppermint oil

4.       African naturalistas Coconut oil 
You can also get:
-          Rosemary oil and Jojoba oil

How I use my oils
-          I mix my oils together (coconut, castor, amla, peppermint) in a bottle and I apply regularly for at least     3-5 times weekly

-          I add them to my deep conditioning mix sometimes

-          I use them in my hot oil treatments

-          I mix them with my leave-in conditioner and hair butter

I know there are some people with the issue of receding hairline. You can try using any of these oils especially castor oil (It is very effective in stimulating hair growth) and you would definitely see changes. I’m still using mine daily hoping for more hair growth this year. 

Please note that I tried it and it worked for me that’s why I am sharing. So you could also give it a try and research more on it likewise. I hope this tips help.

For those who have experienced losing their edges, how did you grow them back? Please share in the comment box to help someone.

Meanwhile, Natural Nigerian along with the Kink and I has organized a Lagos meet up for Naturals. Details in the picture below

Till then

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  1. You are so lucky Leez. Many never get their full hair lines back. I think its great that you stopped early too. Like you, I try not to brush my edges but using my fingers for a long duration of time makes the hair strands loc up. So I do once in a while brushing :)

    1. Thanks Natmane. Wud try and prevent my hair strands from locking.

  2. I also had issues wiv my edges too, and I have been using castor oil ever since I got know about it. M really loving my hair nd a day doesn't go by without people commenting when I make natural hairstyles. Thanks for sharing Lizzy!

    1. Great. That's a testimony here... lol. You welcome.

  3. Castor oil is my fave oil!!! It also helped me regrow my edges and thickened my hair. Your edges look fab!!

  4. Great tips, my hair line has issues due to the fact that I always braid my hair and usually wear it in up-dos. Though, whenever I stop braids for a while, the hairline seems to come back. I'll just have to try castor oil, I've heard great things about it.

    Princess Audu

    1. Lucky u, I wish I cud say same. U shud definitely try castor oil. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. The hair on my edges have been fluctuating a lot. It seems okay whenever i wear my natural hair out for while, but as soon as i fix, its starts disappearing. I'll try the oil massaging technique sha, let's see how it works. Thanks!

    1. You welcome. Thanks for checking my blog

  6. My hairline is a total mess *sobs*
    I felt really ashamed the other day at make me salon when the stylist retouching my hair was murmuring silently and shaking her head like she had not seen a worse hair situation.... I would have cried or even run away but for the fact that we were being captured in
    I really need to grow my hairlines back
    Thanks for the amazing tips Elizabeth

    1. My edges were bad before but I bought shea butter, mixed it with coconut oil, olive oil and virgin hair fertilizer. It's been abt 3months now and the difference is clear.

      I will try out this castor oil too, it seems great.

    2. U shud. Thanks for stopping by

  7. Ma edges were bad before, I used JBCO, EVOO, shea butter and Jojoba oil, mixed all 2geda and apply day and night. Now am gud to go wit ma edges

    1. Glad to hear dat dear. Kip saving those edges

  8. Nice, it worked for me and the kids

  9. oil, amla oil and coconut
    oil afterwards and
    I saw tremendous changes.
    virgin hair fertilizer online
    Thank you.


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