2015 Giveaways rolling in Already

Just felt like making this post since I have not updated the blog this week. How are you all doing?

It’s no news that I won lots of giveaways last year (not lots though, but some). I made posts about them here, here and here. Well, I have started winning again o. Like someone said, I'm on a winning streak. About a month ago, I went over to Invivo Beauty store at Eric Moore in Surulere to shop for free after winning a giveaway on Myhairmybeauty blog’s Instagram page. I posted about the products I got on my instagram page here.

Just last month, I won another giveaway on ‘Beauty in Lagos’ blog and I got my products delivered to me two weeks ago. What did I get? Guerlain 'La Petite Robe Noire Eau De Toilette and Guerlain'Orchidee Imperiale' Exceptional Complete care face treatment.

I also got products (a shampoo and conditioner) from African Naturalistas blog for being a regular on the blog. I was one of the blog’s top 10 who comment on posts on a regular basis. Lucky me

Oh! I have a BBM channel - C003614B6 and I post mostly about natural hair, please join.
I won a giveaway on a Natural hair BBM channel too. Whoop whoop . I got this products. (see pic below)
I got Cantu shea butter leave-in, Jbco, perm rods and Eco styler gel
I was so excited as I have always wanted Perm rods and Jamaican black Castor oil. Finally, I have got them.

My Yarn twists is a month today and I’m hoping to carry it for another one month but I doubt I would. 
Because I won another giveaway recently hehehe
I won a giveaway on Dark and lovely Instagram page. I won a giveaway hosted by them last year which I posted here (I got hair products). This time, I get to have a hair makeover and a gift bag. So if the hair makeover turns out to be soonest, I think I’d be loosening my yarn twists in a couple of weeks or days sef.

The thing is I love when Giveaways are hosted on blogs, social media platforms e.t.c  and when I have an opportunity to enter for one, I do not hesitate to do so especially when there is no restriction like in location, age, size, social media platform...

It’s not like I get to win in all giveaways I enter for. No! I don't. So you all should try entering for giveaways, you never can tell if you would end up winning. Opportunity comes but once, so start to grab those giveaways now... lol. I don’t wanna have it all. I’m thinking of hosting one soon, so get ready.

Cheers to the good year 2015, hoping to get more Giveaway wins this year. Hopefully fitness related or photography. Do you think someone can host a giveaway to give out a Heart rate monitor or Dslr Camera? I’m just asking ni o

Don’t worry, whenever I am aware of any giveaway, I would make sure I put it up on the blog so someone can enter for it.

See ya.

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  1. Congratulations liz! Well done oooo. May we tap from ur winning streak ijn. Lol! Hw can we ourselves watch out for giveaways?

    1. Thanks dear. Amen. Lol... I would be making posts on recent giveaways so just kip checking the blog to get to know

  2. You are born to win. Congrat. Such a while I visit your blog.

    1. We are all born to win Mazino. Thanks. Yes bin a while. Kip coming here

  3. Congrats Liz. How can we tap into that anointing? :-)

    1. Thanks. Hehe I would be making posts on giveaways hosted by individuals, hoping u guys get to enter for it and win. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  4. Congrats,.


  5. Girl, you are on a roll!!! I like your spirit - you never let any giveaways pass you by abi? LOL!!

    Hilarious election memes – HERE

    1. Lol. Thank u for stopping by. Really appreciate


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