My 2015 Mini-Goals

Hello lovelies, How are you all doing?

I thought to share some of my goals for the year and how I would work towards them;

1.      Lose up to 20kg this year: It’s really funny that I could not stick to my weight loss plan last year. As in, I was so determined, and then I flopped. I remember making this post asking for God’s strength to keep me gojng as well as this post when I was super-excited after losing some pounds. Anyways, this year 2015 would be different. I’m burning this fat for good. (I need prayers... lol)
2.      Exercise more, Eat clean: This goes totally with the first goal ‘cause without clean eating and workouts that weight would not come down. So I hope I get into the mood of working out more often this year, I just have to. Would be happy to share foods I try out along the line.

3.      Blog at least twice a week:  This would definitely happen. I mentioned here that there would be no blogging hiatus like last year. I am still learning more about blogging everyday and I would be making changes soon. I would put up at least two posts weekly.

4.   Grow my hair out :I have been natural for two years now and so far I have not seen much growth. I intend to take care of my hair better and grow it out. 3 to 5 inches added growth would be great this year.

5.       Learn something I love: I can’t mention because there are a lot. I could learn one or two or three stuffs, but would just start with photography.

6.      Read books from cover to cover: I am really fond of buying books and reading them halfway or probably dumping them somewhere. So this year, that would change. I should be able to read one or two monthly.

7.      Balancing everything: I really need to balance my life, organize myself and stick to my goals most especially. It won’t be easy attaining them but I’d try my best and start with this ones. 

So what are your goals this year? Would you love to share? What do you want to change?

Let’s hear it

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  1. Wish you all the best in achieving your goals...
    I'm with you on the lose the weight goal..definitely by God's grace, it must GO!

    1. Thank u dear. Yes o. Fat must die. Thanks for commenting.

  2. The fat has to go. 20kg? That's a whole lot. Wish you the best dear. We're together in this


    1. Yes o. Looking at my ideal weight wen it comes to BMI, I nid to drop at least 20kg datz y. Wish u d same *winks*

  3. My plans for this year-
    Lose some weight, especially around my midsection, focus more on writing, improve my guitar skills, make important career decisions, be even closer to God, Graduate(of course), and (oh how could I forget this?!) BIG chop in april/may! That's all for now

    1. Lovely goals u av dear. Buh what weight do u want to lose again na. Lol. Wud be glad welcoming u to the natural hair community. Wish u the very best dear.

  4. I would love to lose some belly fat without losing any body weight.have been eatin majorly carbohydrate and I eat late a really not disciplined wen it comes to exercise.

    1. U shud eat more of proteins and eat before 8pm. Try doing crunches and lots of cardio to help wit the belly fat


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