I’m still blogging

Hi lovelies, it’s been a while. I’m still blogging. Just being having issues with my internet connection but it’s all fine now. 

I’m really excited we are in the month of December.

So how is the Christmas preparation going? Any pre-xmas gift yet? 'cause someone here has been getting gifts. lucky me. Would share with you all soon. 

Can’t believe it’s 14th already. As in, December is running fast. Now I feel like singing a song I learnt in primary school ‘Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming, Daddy buy  dress for me, mummy buy shoe for me oh lalalalalala lolololololo’ . Who knows this song?. I overheard some kids singing it some days ago.

Anyways, expect two more posts this week. One of which I would be hosting a giveaway. Look out for it

Happy Sunday and Xmas preparation.

P.S: Has anyone noticed the blog's new look? hehehe What do you think?

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. Hi, thanks for visiting Lifetitudes. Wishing i could hold on to December but no can do. Decided to buy myself a christmas attire since no one else will.

  2. Can you believe it's already the new year?! I'm excited about 2015 and where this year will take me.


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