I’m back + My lucky Giveaway wins

Hi there, 

I really don’t know where to start from. I feel so terrible for not blogging in a while. I have been busy (what an excuse) with work but I am back, bigger and better. I am really sorry for the little hiatus. It is so sad I am not taking this blogging thing seriously. I even made a pledge on Tuke’s blog to be consistent and I did not fulfil it. How bad could that be? Very bad... So here I am. 

A lot has been going on; some I would love to share. I have just been behind the curtains peeping and going through several blogs as well as commenting; forgetting I should be putting up posts too whenever I have an opportunity to do so. I’m still trying to organize myself... help me God

So for the past few months I have really been a lucky girl. I have won about five or more giveaways (i think) and I am happy about it even though some of them were just a ‘let me try my luck’ thing. So the first was in June and I mentioned it in this post.  Not necessarily a giveaway but more of a competition. I didn’t expect to win but I won anyways. So you all can read up here if you want to. The second was on Style and beauty lounge blog in August. I remember mentioning it in this post. I won a beautiful accessory by M&S that I have been rocking for a while. 

The third was in September which was that of Naija Naturals on Instagram. The giveaway was a hair consulting and styling session with Kemi Lewis. Don’t know when I would go but before the year runs out, I would show up at her shop. I’m thinking of making straw curls...can’t wait. Also in September, Dabs of Naija hair can grow organized a garden party which I blogged about in my last post and I was her plus one. Yeah I won that too. So that makes it Giveaway win number 4

Still in September, I won a Dark and lovely giveaway. I got lovely products along with a relaxer and I don’t know what to do with it since I am natural. My sis is transitioning and my mum has her products, doubt she would want to switch. So I'm thinking of what to do with it before it starts gathering dust. Can't just dump it somewhere.
Oh! I also got a free lunch treat after participating in some teaser on twitter handled by a movie production company in October. Hmmm... some friends have started calling me or should I say tagged me with the name ‘awooof madam’ and I don’t care. I got lucky so... I’m not priding o, just sharing. 

Well, that’s all I have won and I hope to win more *wide grin* 

*I would be posting once a week now till I am all organized and able to post more.

Till then
P.S: Thanks to Tuke for the drive...

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. Welcome baq "awoof madam"... We can't wait for next week to come.

  2. You lucky girl! You can do a give-away with the relaxer too actually :)

    1. Thank you Toinlicious. Datz a gud idea. Just nervous. Wud give it a try.


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