Savvy and Chic Garden Party

Hi lovelies, I know it’s been a while. I miss blogging. How are you all doing? This post is coming pretty late. 

Last month (over a week ago), I attended a Garden party organised by Dabs of ‘Naija hair Can grow’ (You all should check out her blog). The essence of the gathering was to bring bloggers and blog readers together and have them share their thoughts on various topics and issues. We were all in floral attires and everyone looked lovely. 

I was present at the event as Dabs plus 1 (I was randomly picked on her blog... lucky me). I met several bloggers for the first time (see me shying): Berry Dakara, Sisiyemmie, Tuke Morgan, Chloes Makeover, Kemi Lewis of KL’s Naturals, Titi Dokubo, Barbara & 1923, Alice of Larger than life, Tomi Akibo of Arike Arts, Yemisi of Nubian Waters and many more

I noticed that most of the ladies were naturals. It was so cool. I admired beautiful curly head of hair. The decor was fantastic too.

We all interacted and also discussed on blogging in general and how to be a better blogger. (Especially for people like me who is not consistent... abi na)
Dabs really pampered us and I had so much fun

In all, the party was awesome despite the fact that rain poured. I took few pictures so I could share.

Don't mind my phone camera.... Enjoy...

Dabs and I

Yemisi of Nubian waters and moi

Kemi Lewis and I (i'm so short)

Finally got to meet Sisi Yemmie

Not rily sharp pic.. oh well that's Tuke who blogs at

Titi Dokubo

my goodie bag

What I had in my bag

More details about the party as well as pictures can be found on these blogs:

Lots of love

p.s: about two or three of the pictures were gotten from Dabs blog. Also who knows how to arrange pictures before posting 'cause i am finding it difficult. pls help
xoxo Leeznijis



  1. I saw some pictures on sisi yemmie.
    This party just look so beautiful!

    1. I know right. Thanks for commenting Funmi

  2. Good to have you baq beautiful... September missed ur blogs and so did I. Cute pics and glowing damsels buh none as ravishing as u. Hope to see the next sooner. *hugs*

    1. Uwwwwwwwwn thank u Bernard... I hope to see more of u here. Thanks for commenting

  3. Wow beautiful women. I wish to meet some bloggers one day. Welcome back dear, and pls be fervent.

    What other ways do u want to arrange your pix before posting? You got it right dear. Keep it up. You may encounter difficulties when uploadibg from ur mobile phone.

  4. Madam, Happy New Month o!
    I came to disturb you because you said you will be blogging once a week, how far na?

    1. *covering face* Tomorrow I would post something or today. thanks for disturbing

  5. Beautiful event. Everybody looked so beautiful.


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