Hi lovelies. I’m back with the full gist. In case you have not read/seen the first part of this post, click here

Well well I mentioned earlier in the first part that the event was to begin at 12pm but rather it started as at 12:30pm cos we had to wait for others so they don’t get to miss a lot from the gathering.
The event started with some nice beats before the host, Stanley of Stand Up Nigeria came to the stage. 

The vendors at the event were first introduced; they were Sizzelle, NHB, Evolver Make up, Liz Audrey, Kl’s Natural, Organogold, H23(Harven 23) Virgin Coconut oil e.t.c. We had an opening prayer. Then the event started fully. 

Chinwe Obayi (from the NHB group) gave the welcoming speech. She also spoke on the fastest way to grow natural hair which is by building a good hair regimen. I took note of that and I think I would soon be a pro soon in the natural hair thing. One thing she said was that we should never be intimidated by other people’s regimen or hair length. Focus more on your hair and learn to love it so you can care better for it. 

Virgin coconut oils. the first set (500ml) is 2000naira and the bigger bottle (1ltr) is for 3500naira

These are the smaller ones (250ml) which goes for 1000naira
Virgin coconut oils. To order for them:
Twitter: @H23CoconutOil
Tel: 08055138835, 07026149245
Order yours 'cause I would be ordering for mine soon

Mary Ikoku (a beauty with natural locs), the publisher/editor of moms magazine talked on caring for and maintaining natural locs and also grow them to any length. Her locs were lovely. I got to know about the several ways of locking one’s hair. 
Do you love?
Kemi of KL’s naturals talked on protective styling and how to care for our front hair before and after protective styling.
Kemi Lewis with other ladies
Funmi Wande spoke on Hair Nutrition by introducing a product called Organogold which is a beverage. It contains herbs such as ganordermalusyndom which are mushrooms and can help strengthen and grow hair. It has several health benefits too.

Don’t forget what you take into your body works better on the outside. I’m considering getting the beverage cos I was given a sample and I loved it. You won’t believe my friend has been trying to introduce me to the product like forever but I did not heed. It’s all good, now I know better.

More pictures pictures 

Yeah they are dancing
Just a wash n go. lovely
Sizzelle crew and I

 What i bought
 I bought a satin bonnet. I have never had one. *covers face* Now my front hairline would stay intact.

 Also got Ecostyler gel too and Beautiful Features leave-in conditioner

I and Titi Dokubo – http://fabdivawrites.blogspot.com. i love her fro.
I would love to wish her (Titi of Daily Ramblings), a Happy Belated Birthday. (August 4 was her Birthday) Wishing you all the best. I love her fro.


Some of the ladies

All smiles

Someday i think
I'm out

So did I have a lovely time at the conference? Yes I did
Would I love to attend another? Ofcourse I would love to

Meanwhile, there is another meet up coming up by August 16. Check out my facebook page to know more about it here

Later lovelies.

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. your smiles are awesome>>>Lovely Pictures by the way.

  2. I missed out (sad face) seems like u had fun. lovely pictures dear

  3. I greatly enjoyed reading about this. I got that same ecostyler last week and I have the Curl Control Defining Pudding from the Beautiful Textures line. You should do a review of the Leave in Conditioner btw and what exactly was in the Kinky Apothecary goody bag? I couldn't really tell what it was from the picture.


    1. Thanks Tuke. The goody bag had two fliers containing guidelines on how to care for natural hair and also stores where kinky apothecary products can be gotten. it also had a sample natural oil in it and nene's secret leave-in-conditioner and curly and curl cream

  4. Great post and great photos! Black beauty sister. :)


  5. You sure had fun..

  6. Love this… beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,

  7. Beautiful pictures.

  8. beautiful



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