Hi everyone. Happy Sunday to you all. How was church today? Bet it was great. I am so so sooooooooo happy to be blogging today. Do you know why? It’s because I am a Natural Hair Babe. (who is with me on that)

Yesterday was one of the best days for me. I attended the first ever Lagos Natural Hair Conference at Apapa. I posted about it here. The Conference was my first ever gathering with naturals and it was fun. It turned out great and I met a lot of naturals. 

The event was put together by Natural Hair Babes, an international natural hair group on facebook, headed by Loiusa Ekwy Michael. It was held at Meals and Events along Apapa/Oshodi Expressway. 

Just a quick picture before going for the event hehehe
Since the event was to commence at 12pm, I got there pretty early around 11:50am with my sister. We were both the 28th and 29th attendees. Yaaaaaay and we got freebies for being early birds courtesy Kinky Apothecary.

The event was supported by an online store called Sizzelle. Please check out their site www.sizzelle.com because they have got lovely products you would definitely want to buy. 

Kemi Lewis of Kls natural was present at the event; Lola Davies of the Evolver Nigeria was there too as well as a fellow blogger Titi Dokubo of Daily Ramblings. I also met Louisa Ekwy (President of NHB), One of the admins of the group, Chinwe Obayi and Mary Ikoku of Mum’s magazine who had a lovely dreads on. It was nice seeing them all.

I met two readers of this blog. Yeah I did. I walked up to a one of them whose name is Dammy, ‘cause I loved the way she styled her hair and wanted to take pictures so as to put up on the blog. Little did I know I was meeting a reader of my blog. She told me she got to know about the event through my blog. Oh what kind of feeling do you think I had at that moment? Just guess. I was thrilled. 

Dammy with her fro hawk

Dammy's friend Lara. Love the colour

The other saw me and asked if I was a blogger and that I looked familiar. Hehehe see me feeling like a celeb. Not to bore you all with tales. Below are some of the pictures taken at the event:

That was what I got for being an early bird. Thanks to Kinky Apothecary

Mary Ikoku - I love the dreads
Hair crush
Several vendors at the event.

Lovely products I must say

An hair contest was held and that was one of my favourite parts at the events aside feeding my eyes with several natural hair products. 
The contestants:  Lola Davies, Dammy, Ama, Tolu, Lolade
There were five contestants. The winner was Lolade who had a wash n go which looked more like a twist out. I’m still wondering how she got her curls well defined ‘cause it was so lovely. I would be trying that soon.

Dammy (LNB reader) came second with her fro-hawk.
Dammy Natural_bebe

I learnt a lot at the event. It’s a day I would definitely not forget in a hurry.
Lolade and I

I, however, don’t want this post to be unnecessarily long (should I say it’s best having a two-part post) because I have got more pictures to share and fun parts too. So I have decided to talk more on the event in another post along with what I learnt too. The post is coming up soon. Don’t forget to check back.

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. Omg Lizzy it's amazing that there's a conference in Lagos! That's so good :P All the hair styles were beautiful and you looked so good on the day :) There are soooooo much hair products! excited for the next post!!

    Jennos Health.

  2. This looked like fun and loving Dammy's fro-hawk too. Can't wait to read part 2!

  3. waiting to read the 2nd part and see myself up here.... lol

  4. Thanks for the mention. We're glad you enjoyed the event. And thanks for stopping by at our table and for your purchase!

  5. early bird as usual. Elizabeth never gets anywhere late. I'm surprised I didn't emulate this habit from you after one year of being your roommate lol.
    I'm looking at these pictures and all I'm saying to myself is ''Gbemi go do something to your hair''. Never been to any of these conferences. I hope to be at one soon.


  6. Nice one, keep it up!


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