What have I been up to lately? Well, a lot has been happening. New Job. New home. New life. New people around me.. yeah new friends. 

It's so bad of me. I have not been sticking to the plan. I have just been binging a lot like nobody’s business. Coming from a lady who lost 22pounds within 5months and added 6pounds in two months, this is quite devastating. I’m currently struggling to lose more weight. I have gone back to my old ways. What happened to me? I have not been working out.

Like I have practically started taking stuffs I have been avoiding; Carbs, Soda, Junk and little or no water.
I even joined a group on facebook to keep myself motivated but I slipped. I never stayed put in the group. I was on and off. August is running so fast already and I really need to burn calories. 

I weigh 69kg as opposed my earlier weigh in back in May. You can heck the post here

Since my goal weight is 60kg, I really want to put my mind to it before the year runs out. It’s time to re-organize myself.  

Wish me luck people 'cause I really need support now. (Yeah I know I'm not that big but I need to fit, right?)


xoxo Leeznijis

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  1. Girl, I understand the struggle!! It's not easy at all. What I do when I feel like I've slipped alot is that I set a date for myself to begin again and give myself a fresh start. Just keeping pushing forward and forget about whether you've gained weight or not and reset your mind to continue towards your goal :)

  2. OMG, I would looooove to lose weight too. Please take me with you on this journey, pretty please. I will love you forever.

  3. Don't beat yourself up. I've been struggling to lose weight for a while but I'm just not winning in that regard!!

  4. Haha... So glad we're in this struggle together, I have a fitness section on my blog too. You should check it out


  5. I can relate!!! Omg! Like literally I stopped eating chocolate for 5 days only to come back eating it worse now! It's so ridiculous, The food tastes good but its so bad for you!!

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