Remember the online picture competition I posted about here. Yes I won, I won. I can’t believe it because it was quite a tough one. I and one other contestant battled it till the end but I made it to the 1st place. Thank God ‘cause I almost lost hope oh.

This reminds me of how I won a cooking competition back in school. It was not easy oh. I was to prepare Pounded yam and Efo elegusi. See me shaking like jellyfish when the judges announced that we had ten minutes more. I was actually not sure I would finish on time but I did and I won. Hehehe

This is actually a ‘Thank you’ post. I really appreciate all those who voted for me in the competition. Thank you thank you and thank you. All my bcs, FB posts, tweets and blog posts were not in vain. It was all about hard work. Despite the fact I was ill for day, i still came online to sought for votes. 

Thanks so much. Would not have done it it without you all. Few names I can mention now but you all know yourselves.

Well, It’s a new month. Hope it’s not too late to say ‘Happy New Month’. So... Happy New Month. Let’s hope for the best this month. Cheers.

Advice: Never lose hope at the dying minute. You never can tell if you are a step away. Just keep pushing.



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