I just have to share this. I was so scared this morning when I read in the papers that Red meat increases the risk of breast cancer. See me shivering oh. Me that I love red meat like... *lips sealed*

The thoughts of frying, steaming, grilling... oh my, I so love red meat. Red meat is found in almost every household including mine and it's so painful knowing that I would have to stop eating it soon. Yes! I just have to. I love red meat, I really do but I just have to let go.

Well, not so fast, I still have to eat up the remaining left in the pot of stew prepared last night. *wink*

According to the papers, red meat should be eaten in moderation as women who eat more of it are prone to having cancer. So it is advised that red meat be replaced with fish, legumes, poultry and probably tofu (BU students know this well... lol)

This is not a joking matter oh, nobody wants cancer. So please if you know that you love red meat like I do, you just have to stop now or rather limit your intake.

Although, this is an observational study by researchers, we all need to be careful still.

The fact that a woman I know very well died early this morning after battling with breast cancer (so painful), it is enough to let me know that cancer is no respecter of anyone. So whether it is an observational study or not, beware of red meat. Rather go for chicken, turkey, egg, fish and the rest.

By the way, it is not only breast cancer oh, all other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, other cancers and stroke are involved.

Till then.

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. Apart from breast cancer, red meat generally can increase risk of any cancer type. So it not only women that should heed the warning, men shouldn't ignore it too. All the same, thanks for sharing. Look forwaed to more interesting posts from you.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. You are right. Off to your blog now

  2. My sincerest condolences :(

    I. Love. Burgers. But I decided to give up red meat last month (and for good... it's been a rough but it's doable!)

    1. Thanks dear. That's good to hear. What are your substitutes?

    2. I have decided to go for gizzards now.

  3. Generally, Nigerians need to watch what they eat. Read meat is a culture already in Nigeria also people feel meat is the "koko" in the food.
    Currently loosing weigh so meat no dey my time-table.we. need to be the change we seek.

  4. Sigh not again! Everything we eat is either a precursor to one ailment or another. Brrrrrrrrrrr


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