It is so glaring in as much as we all try to ignore the fact that Christ is coming soon. I don’t know why it took so long to address this, probably because I feared how people would react to what I have to say. However, it is best to share than keep quiet over the problems surrounding this country.

With several devastating issues in the country, I have become so scared and careful lately. We all now fear for our lives wherever we go. I woke up this morning and saw a newspaper headline stating: ‘Bokoharam kills 300, abducts 11 girls’. I was dumbfounded, I kept asking myself; How are this people able to attack again without being caught? What is the Government doing? How did they get to abduct more girls?

That moment I opened my bible and read Matt 24. It was all there, so clear; troubles and tribulations in the End times. I know we all have been hearing of ‘JESUS IS COMING SOON’ several times and have gotten so accosted with it that we ignore when people mention it. We need to keep reminding ourselves that He is actually coming soon. Reading that bible verse, I was able to see that from nation to nation, country to country, state to state, tribe to tribe, more problems would occur during the end times.

Do you remember the missing Malaysian plane, The Ship that capsized in South Korea, now the Bokoharam issue in the country (Bomb blast) and kidnapping of the 234 girls. They are all signs of Jesus’ coming.

Today, churches rarely preach of His coming, rather they preach more on how to make money and being successful, forgetting the fact that we are going to leave it all behind. Not everyone wants to hear pastors preach about Jesus and this is not meant to be. Always be at alert. A lot of Christians now fear for their lives because of these dangerous doers (Bokoharam) and yet we are not prepared for the coming of Christ.

It could have been yesterday, today, tomorrow, whenever and however, we can never know but we have to be ready. It is high time we all get prepared. Be more consistent in praying especially now that these rebels are planning to kill Christians. May God strengthen us as we do so. 

Hold unto Him in this time of trouble and keep praying for those girls and their safety. Never stop praying to God as this is the time we all have to be strong in Christ.

My prayer is that we and our families would never be victims of this massacre and Nigeria would be better in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have a lovely day
God bless.

P.S: Avoid overcrowded areas; those evil doers could be anywhere. So beware




  1. God is always our shield, that I am sure of. But at the same time, whatever happens, however it happens, I pray none of us misses the heavenly abode. God bless Nigeria!

  2. Amen oh. God will save us

  3. Amen! Its true...note: the missing the missing girls

  4. Amen! Kindly visit


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