Hi people, How was church today? I was blessed at mine. Just needed to peep in today 'cause i'm actually meant to be resting. Anyways, this post was due two days ago but my network was annoying but it's better now. I bring to you the post of the day. Hope you love it...

Few days ago, I got a mail demanding me to approve a comment on this blog and I realized that the post commented on was updated over 6months ago. It was the first ever ‘LNB Beauty of the Week’. I was shocked. Then I thought to myself, why not continue with it. Sure its gonna be real fun getting pretty faces here.

So today’s beauty is really lovely and so beauriifuuuuul. I met her last year and she was so down to earth (she still is). She is quite a chatty person, opened to everyone, her smile... gush pretty face she’s got, hope you all agree too. With no further ado, I present to you Ajele Mimi Ebiere, a 300 level Communications Art Student of Bowen University. Enjoy...

I love the last pic so much.

What do you say?

P.S- If you are interested in being on my blog as the next LNB Beauty of the week, check my ‘contact me’ page and send me your details via any of the social media. Thank you

Till next time. 

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. Hmmmmm..... Good innovation dear. Keep it up!


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