Hi there!

If you have read my post here, you would realize I have been natural since December 2012 when I had my big chop. 

Yeah! That was me

So far, I think my hair has not been growing as expected. Right now it’s 5inches (should i say long or short) which is not impressive enough for a year and 5month old hair. Guess it’s because of my big chop (What an excuse?). Hoping to do a #30daysCastoroilchallenge. Who is gonna join me?

Just to feed your eyes, check out pictures of my hair in the last few months.

APRIL 2014

Ooh dear shrinkage

Pineapple fro

Not-so-perfect Afro

Scarf it
Twist outs

Twist outs

What do you guys think?
I would really love to see comments as well as any advice on how to care for my hair better. It would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks

xoxo Leeznijis



  1. Your hair has grown tremendously from no hair(big chop) to a full healthy head of hair so pat yourself on the back for that ! May I ask how often you moisturise your hair and what your daily care routine is?Do you steam your hair ?
    The ends of your hair are the oldest part of your hair and require a lot of attention and protection.Let me know your thoughts.

  2. Thank you so much. I moisturize daily but find it hard to when i'm on weaves. Actually building a new hair care regimen. I don't steam my hair but i do dc with hear once a week when i'm not on weaves. I do seal my hair with shea butter. Would definitely start pampering my hair real good from now on. Thanks again

    1. If you do some research on YouTube you'll find out how to moisture your hair when you're protective styling with a weave.
      It sounds like you've got a good regimen in place. Shea butter is a good moisturiser . I use Shea butter too and whip it together with my favourite hair oils.Let's not forget the internal part which is your diet. Regardless of what goes on your hair the internal part is the most important aspect so maintaining a healthy diet with the right supplements with also aid in your hair growth.
      Keep up the good work and your hair will definitely grow .Patience is the key xoxo

  3. Lovely hair! I'm natural too uure hair is doing good!wow that was a gorimaapa tins o...Tnks for visiting my blog

  4. wow..this is the biggest chop i've seen! lol you went all in and your hair looks fab now. just started mine

  5. Your hair is gorgeous. Can't wait for mine to grow as long as yours.


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