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This was originally posted on African naturalistas blog (check it out) but i just made few changes before re-blogging here. Here is my natural hair story #OneyearNatural

My Hair Journey

My natural hair journey started on December 30th, 2012. I was getting tired of my hair because it was no longer improving in length. It was dry and brittle; to top it all, I had dandruff, which was so annoying because I scratched my hair a lot. My last relaxer was in August 2012. So I made up my mind to cut my hair low but was still not sure if I should as at then.

The dandruff which I had been trying to treat got worse by November and I was so ashamed of my hair and I made the bold step at last (Making sure I got wigs for covering). I told my mum about it and she trimmed my hair so low with a scissors (my first big chop) and I felt like a new person plus I was now curious to see what my own natural hair would look like.

Not satisfied with this low cut; I decided to cut every strand of hair on my head away. So in December 2012, on a beautiful Sunday, in front of my bedroom mirror, I had my second big chop. I was BALD but felt relieved as well.

I took pictures after that big chop and started wearing wigs. Everyone wanted me to stop the wig-wearing as they felt I looked good with the low cut. But I had no intention in doing that until my hair was of a very impressive length.

Big Chop
 Few weeks after, this is what my hair looked like

Few weeks after BC
2 months post BC
 I had to do the Big Chop (or should i say really big chop) though I was initially thinking of transitioning but could not because of the dandruff I had. I was mostly wearing wigs because of the bald look.

4 months post BC
6 months post BC
9 months post BC

On Box Braids

Side-swept Kinky Braids
Packed Kinky Braids
These are some products that have been useful to me:

-Water (to wet my hair before combing; this makes it easy)

-Olive Oil

-Gervenne Nutri Shine anti-dandruff shampoo

-Shea Butter (Though I don’t like the smell but it’s all for the best)

-Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting shampoo

-Meditrit Triple action hair cream (so i have stopped using petrolatum hair creams)

My hair treatment so far……

-Co-Washing once a week
-Daily moisturizing with buttercream
-Shampooing 1-2 times a week

My hair was one year last December and I’m super excited to have reached this point. And as much as I want the long luscious hair, I also want to enjoy my hair as it is.

Though my hair is still short, I intend growing it to my dream hair length. I love Natural hair, It's the best best for me (I think) *winks*

Hair in December, 2013

Would be posting recent pictures and more updates on my natural hair soon. Don't miss it

*I need suggestions on how to care more for my hair. Leave a comment as it would be very helpful* Thanks for stopping by.

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