Hi everyone. It’s been a while. I have obviously not been a good and consistent blogger so far. Combining school work and blogging together is really a big task for me. But I definitely would not be complaining again because I would be graduating soon and would have all the time to update my blog.
Last week, I had my final year Project defence, which turned out great. God was there for me all through the race and never left me. I give Him all the glory. With my project defence done, I have my final exams coming up soon. And definitely before the end of the month of April I would be home.
Lately I have got a lot doing and I have started a personality profiling of myself (things people need to do as they grow). Well it's been good so far. However, self discovery is not an easy thing but I am trying.
Remember I mentioned here that I have been trying to live healthy. Well it’s not been easy at all too but I am trying my best. Waking up every morning to jog no be beans... yes na. Some people think I’m crazy about the whole thing, even someone had to tell me I was just deceiving myself, saying I would probably add my weight back again. It’s so good when people try to discourage you ‘cause then would you want to show them that they can’t make nor break you. Only you can change yourself as far as you are willing to. Well enough of my ranting... About my graduation, would tell you all about that when the time comes.
Take care.
xoxo Leeznijis


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