What I have been up to (Weightloss and Hair)

It’s been a month now since I changed my way of doing things (Eating and all). I have been eating clean (that's if you don’t count the 3 bad days I cheated the program). It has not been easy for me to get up so early in the morning for a run. I have totally changed the way I eat and it is really great. I am getting used to it already. At first, I thought I could not do it but I am. I am feeling better than ever since I started working out.

Just for you all to know, losing weight is part of my 2014-New year resolution and I really hope to achieve my goal weight before the year runs out. I have dropped 2pounds in a month, although I am not impressed but I would not give up. To me, it’s a starting point; hopefully by the end of February I would have improved. 

So far, I have come to learn that weightloss takes time if you want to get it off totally. So there is no rush here for me, I would try and take it slow till I attain my goal. My clothes are loose and I feel trimmed all through too.
I recently joined a morning flat-tummy workout program in School and I am having real fun ‘cause it is working. I have been doing sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists and all. I totally can’t wait to see myself with a flat tummy...lol
About my hair, I would be having my first deep conditioning on my hair soon (Would be uploading photos). I have been on kinky braids for over a month and it’s time to show off my nats (naturals). A lot of people have been really saying stuffs about me not relaxing my hair ever. Well, it’s my choice and I don’t think I need any other person’s opinion *winks*
School has been fun and stressful with my department week coming up and the fact that a lot of things have to be put in place. Also assignments, term papers and my final year project... e no easy abeg.

*Would try to be up-to-date in posting on my blog (busy in school)
See ya!

xoxo Leeznijis


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