What someone said about my natural hair #Christmaseveexperience

It was a sunny afternoon, on Christmas Eve and I had just gone to the bank to verify something. Then, I went to the Salon to make my hair (Xmas hair) when I got there, the owner of the salon told her stylists to attend to me after I told her I wanted to make kinky braids. I washed my hair and dried it. Then it was time to make my braids.
One of the hair stylists said she was scared to make my hair. Why? Because one, my hair was still virgin and two, because it was short. I felt embarrassed and to top it all, she asked if I would relax my hair. I looked at her with disgust and said I just want to braid. She later started off with my hair and two other hair stylists came to join her after some time.

While they were making my hair, I overheard one of them saying in Yoruba “O da pe Deeper Life ni won” meaning (it seems she is a Deeper Life member). Do I have to be a Deeper Life member because I am on natural hair? Well I did not say a word until, of course again, this same stylist said to me “Aunty your hair full gan oh, and you said you don’t want big big one inside”.

I had earlier told their Boss that I have experienced the case where I would braid my hair and big chunks would be in the centre compared to the rest and would not be able to leave my hair down because of this; which I am not always impressed with (I know a lot of people experience this too)

I just smiled and said “Afterall I’m paying for it”. (Definitely I am paying for it so what’s her stress... lol)  Later, the same stylist said that my hair was not soft and that it was kinky. She even said she did not like my hair. OMG! For crying out loud, I really wanted her to stop talking. I’m on natural hair so why the fuss. This went on though, till I was through with my hair and I had a lovely turn-out with my braids. To see it click here.

Now, why do people say things like this about natural hair? Before I started my natural hair journey, I don’t think I ever castigated natural hair lovers because I had friends (which I still have) on natural hair. I have come to really love my natural hair and someone is trying to kill that love (smiles)

So, do you go through this as well or have you had such encounter where people would say sorts about your natural hair. Don’t forget to leave a comment.





  1. Nice one. People's comments don't matter jare.anyway, I intend returning back 2 natural hair so I can keep a very full afro but lemme first see how yours turn first *winks*. Good Article babe!! And merry xmas.

    1. Thanks dear. hoping to see you back with natural hair. Can't wait

  2. Most of these stylists are so flipping ignorant! They don't love hair, styling hair is just a means to an end for them.

  3. they make jest of me too

  4. Silly rude girls. Why didn't you caution them? I'm vexed on your behalf sef


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