Merry Christmas Everyone

I woke up this morning and was so happy. Definitely, it is because of the Christmas spirit. I remember when I was much younger and my cousins would stay over for Xmas. It was really fun as we would all wake up early on Christmas morning and watch Jesus film (that’s what we called it)
We would later eat so much rice and chicken (with oil all over our face... a sign that we are enjoying abi) and drink coke & fanta...whew those days are gone because now I think I’m a big girl. I would probably hang out with my family somewhere today or just stay home and feel that Christmas. 

It’s Christmas and we all need to have fun. But do not forget it is all about Christ. So celebrate the birth of Jesus.

So guys let’s share, how are we spending our Christmas. Leave a comment

Merry Christmas to you all


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