Its New Year Eve..... #25things2013taughtme

Hi there,
Happy New Year in Advance. People are so happy and can't wait to see the New year (me too o). I had to do my laundry today, went out, got some stuffs and I am presently awaiting the New year. Nobody wants to carry any baggage to Year 2014 and I have seen a lot of people running around to put things in place.
Someone even mentioned to me yesterday that she was going to pay all her debts today and not take it to the coming year. Well, all said and done, my reason for this post is to let you know what year 2013 has taught me. It has been a long year for me but I can remember all this.

*Put God first in all things. He is your maker*

2013 taught me....
1. To be Thankful to God for Life and all things
2. To be Kind
3. To never get angry
4. To be patient
5. To be Independent
6. Never to look down on people
7. To fight, make up and move on
8. To care and be cared for
9. To love (Both myself and others)
10. To value friends
11. To smile and be happy
12. To make a change in my weak areas (Change brings about Growth)
13. To be Self-disciplined
14. To adore my parents (you will always miss them)
15. Less talking and more action
16. To be willing to give
17. With determination, you can do a lot and change a lot too.
18. Don't blame others for your wrongs
19. Never give excuses (This ain't good at all)
20. To never give up or quit
21. Believe more in myself
22. Never expect anything and you would not be disappointed
23. Be real, be yourself
24. Don't be too serious, enjoy life
25. Life is beautiful and wonderful. It is also short, so have fun.

So what has 2013 taught you...

Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead (hmmmuah)
xoxo Leeznijis


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  1. 2013 has taught me to trust God for every thing. This year, he has been too faithful.


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