Been busy, but I’m back

It’s been like forever since my last post.
Time has flown; been busy with exams. I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas.
Today is a day I have totally planned out for myself and I am so happy doing this. Finally I can get to be so happy doing things I love.
Delivering entertainment news and all could have been a thing I thought I would be good at but it seems everything is coming down to me. I have decided to move to a different direction. This blog has been in existence since 2011 but officially came into being in 2013. Thinking of this now makes me feel Oh my…. Okay. Change of plans; Now, my blog would be updated basically on food and lifestyle.

Reason: Still a student and can’t get news from the main source (except when money speaks) and I know with my love for food it’s all left to me to decide what to put on my blog. Delivering news could be kind of limiting as you can’t share your views when writing. Again, I hardly update the blog which is not impressive on my part. So I have thought a lot about it and really need to make a decision (which I have already made).  Food and Lifestyle Blog it is.

Would not be starting all over again but would continue and delete other past irrelevant posts.

Tip: My new blog coming up soon


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