How often do you give a small gift or a word of encouragement to a friend or a fellow employee?  It shows a tremendous amount of character in an individual when he/she is willing to appreciate the other.

Even in times of great sorrow and grief, there are things to truly be thankful for!

In our society, the three words “I love you” can become shallow and empty. Often the statement “prove it” is the follow up reaction, spoken or unspoken, from the opposite party. 

I feel that the two words “thank you” can also be very deep. They are often just two, quick, auto-programmed words that are just “thrown out there” due to socially expected etiquette. Underneath, in our hearts, the graciousness of what we’ve received escapes us. 

Let’s not let our lives get so busy and so self-absorbed, that we forget to communicate genuine thank you(s) to those who have blessed us. Let’s not let our frantic lives rob us of the gift of saying “Thank you!” to others and to God. 

When we thank God for all His blessings, it refocuses our attention from the negative to the positive things in our lives. Sure, all of us have problems. We live in a fallen world, but God is good, and His goodness to us is greater than all.

When we take the time to quiet ourselves and write out our feelings of gratitude to someone, something truly wonderful happens — both for them and for us. As we remember the act of kindness or gift given, we get to re-live the moment.

A thankful heart truly is a happy heart. May your happy heart find reasons to say thanks everyday! 


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